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  2013 Long Course Western Great lakes Open

Walter Schroeder Aquatic Center

Friday-Sunday, June 28-30


Meet Results:

Thanks for attending this year's Western Great Lakes Open.  Result files are posted below.


Meet Updates: 

NEW UPDATE (June 27th)

Meet Recon Report:  Swimmers in this report, who do not have a "faster time found" on the SWIMS database may be required to prove their time if they do not swim under the cut at the meet..

Meet Recon Report Link


NEW UPDATES (June 26th)

Sunday Positive Check-in:  We will be doing positive check-in  and possibly combining some heats for the 400 meter events on Sunday.  We can probably save quite a few heats with only a few scratches.  Check-in will close 30 minutes before the start of the session.

Warm-up and Warm-down Pool:  There will be 2 lanes available in the warm down pool throughout the meet.


UPDATES (June 23rd)

Warm-Up Assignments:  Warm-up assignments for the 13-Over Prelim sessions are at the link below.  Early warm-up is from 7:00-7:30 AM.  Late warm-up is from 7:30-8:00 AM.  The pool will be open for general swimming, sprints and pace from 8:00-8:10 AM. Group A will warm-up early on Friday and late on Saturday.  Group B will warm-up late on Friday and early on Saturday:

Warm-up Assignments

Positive Check-In/Pre-Seeding:

  • The Friday and Saturday PM Sessions and the Sunday 14-Under timed final session will be pre-seeded.  Heat sheets will be produced on Thursday.  If you have any scratches prior to that, please contact us so we can remove them before seeding the meet.
  • The Friday and Saturday AM preliminary sessions are POSITIVE CHECK-IN for all events – due by 7:30 AM.
  • The Sunday 1500 are POSITIVE CHECK-IN – due by 6:30 PM Saturday. 

Coaches will receive a positive check-in sheet for their athletes upon arrival at the meet.  Please check-in all swimmers who intend to swim their events.  Scratch swimmers known to be absent.  Make notes for swimmers who will be scratching from some, but not all events.  When in doubt, leave the swimmer in; there is no penalty for a no-show, we just want to run as streamline of meet as possible.  Check-in or scratch relays as well.  Check-in sheets are due by 7:30 AM each morning.  Heat sheets will be posted and distributed as soon as the seeding is complete.

Limited Events:  We will limit the Senior 400 Free and 400 IM to finish the Prelim session by 1:20 on Friday and 1:30 on Saturday.  Based on our pre-scratch time line it is likely that all checked-in swimmers will be able to compete.

Session Reports:  Below are preliminary session reports for the meet this weekend.  They are before scratches and all entries are finalized.

Pre-scratch Preliminary and Timed Finals Session Report

Finals Session Report



Live Results/Psych Sheet 



Meet Apparel by Bella's Custom Design

Bella's Custom Design will be selling custom meet apparel during the prelim sessions on Friday and Saturday.  They will not be available for the Sunday Timed Final Session.



Friday, Saturday Prelims and Sunday Timed Finals:

$6.00 daily prelims admission, $3.00 heat sheet.

Friday and Saturday Finals:

$5.00 daily finals admission, $1.00 heat sheet.

No charge for 1650 session admission or heat sheet.

Spectators will be asked to show proof of admission upon entering pool area.



Free parking is available in the lot on the west side of the pool.  Free overflow parking is located behind the Old Navy story in the shopping center on Green Bay Rd., just south of the Walter Schroeder Aquatic Center. The pool is just a short walk across a foot bridge from that location.

Preferred parking is available on the east side of the building for a charge of $5.00.



Walter Schroeder Aquatic Center (YMCA)
Address: 9240 Green Bay Rd.  Brown Deer WI 53209 

Click Here for Google Map of Location


Meet Information

Western Great Lakes Meet Information

Western Great Lakes Event File for Coaches



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